#2 3 Reasons why yoga unsucks your life (Part 2) – Ian


When i relate to my experience as a YTT student here at the yoga mandala, this couldn’t be any truer. Typical weekends start with me getting early to get to the studio to practice asana’s which I am really really bad at and learning about yoga in general till 2 in the afternoon. Arguably, some tell me ‘Why do something you don’t enjoy?’ but here’s the thing, nothing beats really awesome chicken rice. What about awesome chicken rice 3 meals a day 5 times a week? Okay so cutting the whole thing short im just saying, this thing where we learnt in the earlier bit of our life where we believe that doing something we ‘truly are passionate for’ 57 minutes to an hour is not going to sit. I am a firm believer of us being creatures who seek to live life with the least resistance. Anything that requires effort over a prolong time doesn’t quite stick with this whole idea of ‘least resistance’ and it can be considered rather unnatural. Not in a speculative mean but just for what it is. It becomes difficult to do that because it is not something anyone would do naturally right? ‘It is not something anyone would do naturally’ does its work really well too, because its easy to adopt or buy into things which are congruent and reinforce to our current mindsets. That my friend, is why studies suggest that only 3 in 194 people are capable of waking up working on their downward dog for 10 minutes or more everyday. I kid. Soooooo being in YTT and having a group of people devote an insane amount of time into the practice of yoga really does teach you a thing or two about living on the edge of ‘least resistance’. Best part is that it kinda feels good after its over, and you’d somewhat be willing to take another swing next weekend. Works for me usually till Thursday.