3 weeks in… Din 1/6

Unbelievable! 3 weeks of the YTT course are behind me.

On one side, I’m happy of this accomplishment, coming every morning, learning new inspiring material, practicing new staff, meeting my new friends, being amazed of Yoga every day like it’s my first encounter with it, admiring our teachers and so on…, on the other side, this magic is going to end in 2 weeks time – wow – it’s making me sad.

I decided to work on my Yoga tasks during this weekend. I prepared all the material in advance, put it nicely in a designated folder, sent the husband and 3 ninja’s to the Singapore Zoo, and started working. it’s wonderful to know how much I have learnt in this short but intensive period. Already finished working on 2 Classes and looking forward for the remaining.

Tomorrow is a challenging day for me… Running the Standard Chartered Half Marathon for the first time. As you can imagine, training for my first half marathon in Singapore, in parallel to the YTT course is quite a challenge – but we live every day and die only once – so I’m determined to succeed in both.

c u till after the run!!!