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#4: Teaching Yoga

Teaching in a class isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. When we stand in front of the studio and knowing that even a pair of eyes will be looking at you, and waiting for your instructions and guidance to the poses, the confidence level goes from THIS to this . However, as we continue to instruct our classmates, and conducting several classes together, we start to get use to people looking at us. Knowing that they are able to get into the pose with the given instructions increases the level of confidence, making us feel proud and satisfied.

Before we begin the class, we first introduce ourselves to the students, and the most important thing to know before we conduct the class is their medical conditions or pains, if any. As yoga teachers, because we have to do adjustments for our students, understanding that they have issues on various body parts, or understanding their medical conditions will decrease the risk of them getting injured.

After introduction, we start our yoga sessions by the sequence using the lesson plans that we create. We learnt that lesson plans shouldn’t be the same for all classes. Humans being humans, we get bored if we do the same thing over and over again. It is very important for a yoga teacher to plan the lessons beforehand, and it is more important for a teacher to be creative by creating variations to the poses for people who are not able to do it. Apart from creativity, any yoga class should be fun and organized so that students will enjoy and at the same time, work their chakras and have them feel refreshed and energised.

We have learnt that it is essential for teachers to conduct a class with the proper sequence that works the right chakras at all times. As teachers, we want to feel the satisfaction while teaching, and we also want students to feel good about themselves and their body after every yoga class.


I shall end my post with a quote from Kevin Trudeau, he states that,

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”

[Estee Ng, June’15 Weekday Hatha Vinyasa YTTC]