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4 things I Would Like To Continue Doing After YTT: Wiy

1. Eat Healthily
Food is like fuel to our body so eating good food nourishes the body.
It was apparent for me as I took care of my diet during YTT. I ate smaller portions, more greens,
less meat and at regular timings so that my body has sufficient time to digest the food in between
my activities. I felt amazing as I saw a transformation in my body shape and physical fitness. I
became more mindful about my food consumption and even started cooking simple meals at
home, which was extremely great for the wallet (haha) because eating out is expensive.
That is when I realized a change in diet could result in a change of lifestyle, to live more simply
but abundantly. I hope to continue this habit even after my YTT. But I definitely can’t stop my
addiction with coffee…


2. Pray
Praying has helped me a lot with getting through my darkest moments.
Praying to me is accepting that some things are outside of my control and leaving it to the
universe or a higher power. Understanding that sometimes what I want is not what I need – is
part of the process of getting me closer to my purpose.
When I am uncertain, angry, sad, happy and thankful, I pray. It is a simple act but has abundant
benefits to my well-being. My YTT journey reminded me again to always have faith in the
universe, and all will come in time.


3. Love
I choose love.
I would like to practice this more. I choose love instead of hate, anger, jealousy and sadness. I
choose love in my interactions with myself, others, things and places. I choose to live a simple but
abundant life by loving myself more.


4. Yoga
Yoga practice helps me to practice all of the above.
There are so many benefits to doing yoga. I wish I knew it before. But I suppose even if I did, I
wouldn’t have understood it.
I believe that everything happens for a reason. As such, I am so thankful for my recent YTT
journey with Yoga Mandala. It has been fruitful in more ways than I had expected.


With Love,
200HR YTT May’21 Weekday