#5 by Bernice (Jan 17 Weekend): perspective

This weekend we will be having our asana and theory exams. I can’t quite believe that the course is coming to an end. I definitely don’t feel like I know everything about yoga now that we are almost done with YTT, there’s just SO MUCH to learn and experience. Teaching yoga requires lots of patience (with others and with yourself). Through the classes I taught, I have learnt so much about how to conduct and sequence a proper class. These days, I have been attending yoga classes but my focus is different now. In the past, I focused on doing the asana like what the teacher says. Now, I find myself noticing how the teacher opens the class, how he/she plans the warmup sequence, the ‘body’ of the class and the closing sequence. I have also been attending more Basic classes to observe how the teacher conducts the class. It has been an eye-opening experience for me, and I am excited to apply some of this new-found knowledge to my own classes in future, if the opportunity comes.