Benefits of Practicing Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for about 9 months now and I started taking yoga seriously when I enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training Course which took place in March. Ever since my constant practice of yoga, I have realized my life has improved mentally, physically and emotionally. Yoga indeed has tonnes of benefits and that is just what I am going to tell you about.

First and foremost, it aids our stressful life especially in a bustling city like Singapore where individuals are rushing from one destination to another. Yoga helps to clear the mind as it allows us to focus on the present moment. When one feels stressed or worried, yoga helps to combat stress by teaching us how to let go of negativities. Besides that, it boosts our endurance level when we are in the midst of holding a difficult asana during class. I am sure we are all eager to learn new and tricky poses but sometimes our body is restricting us from doing so. With this, yoga teaches us to be patient as body transformation takes time. This teaches us mentally that we cannot force things to happen as soon as we want them to. Some things will take a little time and good things are worth the wait.

Furthermore, ever since I practice yoga, my digestive system has improved a lot! Thanks to all the twisting asanas which stimulates the internal organs and knowledge of the 3 Gunas (Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic) food which helps me to make healthier choices of food. Besides that, by practicing balancing asanas during yoga session has improved my concentration not just at work but also helps to improve me in holding asanas specifically in arm balances and inversions. Yoga minimizes risk of physical injury as well as it increases our flexibility for instance in Yin Yoga. Lastly, yoga is non-competitive by nature, so the only opponent you have is yourself. It tests our own body limits, letting us know what we are really capable of and watch ourselves progress and transform over time. Yoga is definitely a confidence-booster and seeing improvements in ourselves is one of keys to happiness and success.

[Vivien Phang of 200 Hr Hatha Vinyasa YTTC]

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