5/6 Muscular System – by Nancy

This week, we have learned Muscular system, I learned what is agonist and antagonist, this knowledge can help me to understand what do muscles work together. When I am doing a yoga posture, there are many muscles leading to the posture, during the practice, you will be able to get which muscle is agonist, which is antagonist. And they are like pair muscles related to each other.
Teacher gave us a very clear example, for example: when you bend your elbow, biceps are contracted, triceps are relaxed, so biceps are agonist, and triceps are antagonist; however, when you extend your arm, biceps will be relaxed, triceps will be contracted, so biceps become antagonist, triceps become agonist. It is easy to confuse, but once get the key point, and familiar with the muscles, then it is not difficult to get what is agonist and antagonist.

I hope I can know more about this through practice then I will be more familiar with my body.