5/6: tiffany. Understanding chakras

Chakras is one of the topics that sparked most interest in me in the YTT 200 syllabus.

Before I started my YTT 200 journey, I’ve always heard stories about how yoga changed people’s life. And I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the whole idea that doing certain poses for a period of time can change someone. But it all started making sense after learning more about chakras.

In our theory class, we learnt about the different chakras we have and how it affects our health and emotional well-being. To be honest, I was still a little skeptical when I was first introduced to the theory. I was only convinced after I started experimenting on myself.

There are seven main chakras in out body – muladhara, scadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddha, ajna and Sahasrara. We learnt about what happens when certain chakras are unhealthy. For example, when your muladhara Chakra is unhealthy, you’ll experience feelings of aggression, insecurity, impatience and worries about one’s basic survival. And if you always feel unloved or keep things to yourself, your anahata Chakra is probably blocked.

After having a basic understanding of these chakras, I started drawing inferences from people I know and I compared their physical characteristics to the characteristics to each Chakra. It was kind of weird how their physical characteristics matched with the the characteristics of the chakras. For instance, I used to have a coach who was very unforgiving and insecure and he was very unstable and he always wanted full control of my training even though he isn’t well trained in all aspects. He’d stop me from improving by banning me from training at other gyms. Coincidenatally, he has chronic heart problems and poor immune system.

I’m still kinda amazed by how much chakras affect our emotional well being and health and how practicing specific asana can help us balance our chakras!