#6 by Bernice (Jan ’17 Weekend): Final thoughts

Since I’m at my last blog post, I thought I’d take this chance to blog about my wonderful friends on this YTT journey with me. I am so grateful to have met this bunch of fun loving and kind people. Clarice, Cheryl, Brenda, Ian, Shirley – thank you for the memories! I know we will continue to stay in touch despite not seeing each other every weekend. Love you guys!! ♡♡

To our teachers Jess & Nicole: you both are great teachers, thank you for spreading your wisdom and kindness. I will keep your teachings in mind when I get out there!

We may be at the end of YTT, but the learning doesn’t end here. It’s a new beginning. I hope to refine my teaching techniques and I know I will continue to take other types of YTT in future (maybe prenatal and acroyoga?).

No matter where this yoga journey takes me, I will remain forever a student, and hopefully help to guide others who are on the same journey as me.