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#6: Gratitude

5 weeks past by too quickly. On the first day of our course, it felt like a torture having to wake up at 530, and then coming to class at 730 for practical lessons. By the end of second week, my classmates and I look like we were zombies practicing yoga in a studio. But as the weeks go by, we got used to practicing yoga in the morning, and classes became so much more enjoyable as we start to understand each other better. I look forward to every lesson I had with my highly enthusiastic classmates and trainers.

Today marks the 2nd last day of our course, and tomorrow we will be collecting our certificates before embarking on to the next chapter in our lives as certified yoga instructors.

To Jessica,
We always look forward to your laughter in the mornings, especially when we are so tired from the previous day of practice, because it’s so contagious. Your patience and guidance has helped all of us improve so much in our postures and alignments and the way we conduct lessons. I never thought I could do a pincha, not even a proper headstand, and we could never have achieve all these without the help from you.

To Nicole,
You may look stern at times during our practical, but we understand that everybody teaches differently, and I really appreciate the effort that you put in when you conduct our practical lessons. We love your energy when you are around us, and everytime you conduct theory lessons, its nothing but joy and laughter.

To Alexis,
The lady behind all our photos, which made all of us look so good. The amount of time you put in to read through our assignments, that must have really tiring. Thank you for managing everything during our YTT course.

And lastly, to my pretty and one handsome classmates,
I never thought that all of us could click together so well, especially when 2 from Thailand, 1 from china, and the other a celebrity background. Without these people, we wouldn’t have such an enjoyable 5 weeks, and classes wouldn’t be as fun as it would be. Thank you for always lending a hand to one another when we needed help for theory, or when we conduct our very stressful classes.

Ending this last blogpost and writing it with so many emotions right now. Congratulations to all my classmates, I believe all of us will be really good teachers, if not, successful people. I’m already missing all of them.  

[Estee Ng, June 2015 Hatha Vinyasa YTTC]