6/6 The climax of yoga class – by Nancy

Everything happened after we received a email regarding teaching time slots and exam schedule email. That means we need to start to teach the class as a yoga teacher. It is inevitable for us to skip this. I feel everything is overwhelming to come to me. I must find the way to work on it.

First try started from the draw lots, and I am the lucky person to get the “skull”, which means I need to teach 1 hour class. Nervous, worried, excited a bit etc, all kinds of emotions came out. No matter what are you doing, you must experience it, then you can improve yourself. I realised it is not easy to do so many things at the same time, you need to say Sanskrit, instructions, demo postures, do alignment for students, some more students emotions, class vibe etc. I know I need to work harder to manage all these well.

Luckily, we have catering classmates, who really concern and bond with each other, we organise the class for practice, we encourage each other to make us doing better. We enjoy the time to group together, taking the challenged photos etc. Hope we all can achieve our goal eventually.