6/6: tiffany. End of Ytt

The past 5 weeks of YTT 200 course has been nothing but amazing. Throughout the 5 weeks, I’ve learn a lot about yoga and myself. Most importantly, I’m very thankful for my fellow course mates and instructors who have been very encouraging throughout the past 5 weeks.

I started my YTT course as an beginner in yoga. I was a casual yoga practitioner. I usually attend yoga basics and yoga zen class at yoga movement to complement my fight training.

When I first started the course, there were a lot of asanas that I was struggling with. My first week of YTT felt pretty miserable to be honest. I felt like I was tight everywhere – my quads, my hamstring, my shoulders. I was struggling with basic asanas like downward dog, Uttanasana. I started questioning if I’d be able to complete the course.

I finally managed to straighten my legs in downward dog on my last class. The key to straightening my legs in downward dog was acro Yoga. Haha. And I wished that I discovered Acro Yoga earlier. It’s so much fun. I forsee myself signing up for more acro Yoga classes after this course. To me, acro Yoga is very much like brazilian jiu jitsu. But instead trying to choke your partner out/ break their joints, you’re helping them to balance/fly. And it forces me to hold in certain positions that I’d have probably gave up because my partner would fall off/ lose balance if I don’t. My quads and hamstring had a really deep and good stretch after acro yoga class.

Having mixed feelings about tomorrow’s graduation. I’m happy that I managed to complete 5 weeks of YTT but at the same time I’m kinda sad that it’s coming to an end. Well, who knows? Maybe we’ll see each other in acro Yoga ytt? 😉