Last teaching day! And i am so happy there are more and more positive feedback on my teaching. Of coz i am not perfect, bimbo moments at its best still. I get my left and right mixed up too. But because of such mistakes, there’s room for me to improve. With practice, slowly but surely i will get there. And i am so glad to share the benefits of breathing and sun salutation today because i felt the changes in me and i want others to feel it in their body too. I actually have alot more to share but i will sound too naggy. Haha.

And i really like it when my friends tell me they didnt have to worry about work and think of anything when they came for class. Or some would say after attending the class they feel like they want to commit to yoga. I mean such awareness and positive vibes is so important and encouraging for a started like me it makes me want to continue to move forward more and let more people feel what yoga exactly is like.

Brenda tan