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A Journey to Myself.

The first day of me stepping back to school; The Yoga Mandala. A 32 year old woman that falls in love with yoga finally decided to take up this journey. Jessica, our trainer who looks like at her mid twenties came into the room to brief us on what to expect during this course. She has this bubbly and smiley character that could just light up the room and made the days shorter. Shortly after I found out that Jessica is at her mid thirties and all of us got shocked!

Put these aside, the first thing that learned in this studio is Namaste. I never knew it has such a beautiful meaning. “Let the inner light in my soul bows and respect the inner light in your soul”. If I get it correctly. When she explained the meaning to us I just felt that I’m at the right place. Not only for the practical part but also the meaning behind every Sanskrit.

To me, it is very important to know how to practice yoga safely and correctly. It is even more important to know why certain pose is named this way and history behind the name. I enjoy learning the stories behind and it is also a basic form of respect from all the practitioners.

Something interesting that I discovered during this course is that I have a flat back instead of an arch back that I thought I have. So I have to practice certain poses in different variations.