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About being weird. (HX)

We’re all different.
Jessica was teaching us about chakras. Put simply, they’re like seven plates of energy centred in our spine, positioned vertically on top of each other but spinning parallel to the ground. She told us that commonly, people’s chakras spin clockwise.

14th November was a rainy day, so much that the train I was on was stalled due to a technical fault. Every train along the line was – they had to be. Shows how much everyone in this world is inter-related.
So I told myself, let it be – be late, it’s ok. Did my pranayama on the train since I was seated. Making a conscious effort to feel my chakras, I felt them spinning anti-clockwise. Suddenly it became clear why I have been considered rebellious and all since young. It could just simply be because I’m pretty abnormal. Rebellious is basically not obeying instructions based on norms, no?

Self-awareness is important. It allows you to be at peace with the world and quit trying to fit in.
Because you don’t have to.

Pranayama usually takes up the first half an hour of the day. I was half an hour late on 14th November. As I came to the end of this write-up, the train was entering my destination station.
The stars were aligned in my favour that day. ?❤️

Han Xiang