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About Doshas

I was excited when we were first introduced to the concept of Doshas – are you a Pitta, Kapha or Vata?

Turned out I was a pitta – kapha hybrid. Makes sense, haha! I had a tendency to approach life through the growth lens, but when im sluggish, trust me, you would need a tow truck to drag me out of bed. What is interesting is the dietary and medicinal component of Ayurveda; certain food types can either complement or contraindicate existing conditions predominant in your dosha type. Time to find out what’s your dosha!

Caveat: As with yogic practice, keep an open heart and mind, and do not be limited by frames. The theory serves as a very useful guidance to how we can optimise our being, but should not serve to narrow our definition of self. Namaste!

Si Pei