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Alicia: 1 The Beginning

Having practiced yoga for almost 3 years, pretty much on a regular basis
going for all types of yoga classes available. It was after the first year that I saw
myself sticking to certain classes that “felt” challenging to me (Power,
Inversions, Flow) It was only after a few injuries here and there that I stopped
and thought to myself ‘What was yoga to me?’ ‘What was it that I was looking
for going to classes for?’ ’Stretch class didn’t make me sweat, did I even
exercise?’ I began to think I became stagnant at yoga (like it was a sport). I
came across YTT and felt this was a good time to start all over again and learn
what Yoga really was.
Putting aside all the excuses and reasons to sign up for YTT, the journey
finally begins. The beginning, like anything and everything else, is always the
toughest. Jessica was right on Day 2, she said you will find yourself sleeping
earlier and earlier after each day. And she was right! It took time to adjust to the
training schedule (the early mornings!) and the physical aspects of the course,
the mental aspect (remembering Sanskrit, sequences, details of each pose). W1
was a fruitful and eye-opening one, learning new things and meeting new

200 Hour YTT Nov’19