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Alicia: 4 Connecting the dots

It was not just learning how to get into a pose, but what makes the pose.
Moving the joint meant using certain muscles to get into asana. And with the
asana in mind, we needed to understand which muscle or joint we want to work
on and how to use the muscle. An Upward Dog was no longer just pushing
against the floor and looking up but tucking in the tailbone to protect the lower
back from compression and tucking in the ribs to lengthen the spine. Or an
inversion pose would not be possible if one is not mindful of what is going on in
the body while inverted.
What we have learnt for the past 3 weeks all came together and allowed
me to understand my body better and also to learn how to help students get
into the pose and progress.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19