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Alicia: 5 Multitasking

Came the day where we had to put everything we had learnt into practice
– conducting a FULL ONE HOUR class. Everything that I had learnt and
prepared beforehand was going “live”. It sounded easy, following a template,
creating a sequence and repeating it out to the students. But man, when I
stepped onto the teacher’s mat, everything just did not go as planned.
Suddenly, all eyes were on me waiting on my cue, I felt that my internal thoughts
suddenly became “louder” and my slightest movement became super obvious.
Suddenly, I had to look out if someone seemed uncomfortable in a pose,
whether the music was too loud, if the students were still with me, did they
seem like they were enjoying the class, did they understand my cues.
Conducting a class had so much more than meets the eye. You can plan and
prepare your class so much beforehand but things might not always go as
Jess asked a really simple question after my ‘class’, “So what did all of
you learn in her class today?” And that got me thinking, I was so concentrated
on getting the students into the pose that I DID NOT realize why I wanted the
students to be in the pose in the first place.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19