Having had a lower back pain for more than a decade now had me wonder if I was using my body correctly on a day-to-day basis. At times I thought perhaps my posture was not aligned to my body’s optimal health. The following contemplations on the roots causing this back pain had been on my mind.

• Unevenly distributed weight on my left and right hand side of my body when carrying e.g. a bag,
• Carrying too heavy things including my luggage during travels,
• Over-exerting myself whilst exercising or stretching,
• Not listening to my body enough,
• Using incorrect muscles or not using specific muscles to protect certain areas of the body for different actions and
• Stored emotional memories around my hips/lower back

The definition of this being sciatica had also come across my mind. During the YTT200 parts of the reasons to this lower back pain were affirmed as my posture in the various asanas were aligned. Due to my gymnastics background as a child I had adopted a habit of arching my back and thus neglecting the tucking in of the tailbone to engage the core to protect my lower back. Therefore, when I became more aware of this fundamental adjustment I realised that I had been pushing my body in compromising poses and exercises by not using the correct alignment to protect certain parts of my body. Understanding this I believe it is extremely important to ensure that people are made aware of proper alignments ranging from how to walk, sit, sleep, doing exercises etc. from young to adopt healthy habits from the get-go. Once we become more mindful of alignments we are better able to pre-empt injuries from wear and tear in the long run. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if I am able to reverse my situation through energy healing and proper alignment. Energy healing has proved to work for prolonged periods in the past and I wonder if I can completely clear this at some point; I guess only the future will tell.