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All Learning in IHAYOGA and teaching

Hi.. All 5 weeks study yoga 200hr. At IHAYOGA very good happy and tired too .but good for work hard and get back good too.all Practice and Theory.
About Theory :8 limbs yoga and Chaknsa very important for learning for to be teacher yoga a lot a think before I never know.and know bone muscle ,respiratory system,,blood,endocrine system,homies and nervous system All very important the for example talk about BONE and MUSCLE how working when we do the Pose and can make muscle and what the pose good for people do yoga too.yoga very delicate but take time for understand
example: Bone all body
1.Pivot joint:can open 80-100 degree of the first and second vertebrae of the NECK that allows the head to move back and forth.and Elbows
2.Ball-and-Socket joint:shoulder and hip can open 300degree
3.Hinge joint:elbow,ankle,interject-phalange all
4.Saddle joint:between trapezium carpal bone and 1st.metacarpal bone.
5.Gliding joint:between tarsal bones
6.Condyloid joint:between radius and carpal bones of wrist.
I know 6 bone more after exam!!!
Today I teaching yoga for 60 min. Not easy to do nature when teaching feeling shy to say want students to do.but all students today do very good and pose hard to a lot sweating after I done asked all say good pose strong. Happy time to do today next time I do for job I sure work herd more. First I fine student. I hope good luck.