Allies and Role Model

It feels good to be around with people who are kind, genuine, positive and loving.
These are the people I met here.

Starting off with our instructors – Jess and Alexis.

Alexis – If I were to use an asana to describe her it would be tadasana (mountain pose). She is just so calm and steady (in everything). Its never a mundane or boring class with her cause the words that she used when teaching can be damn funny. Thank you for constantly guiding us and teaching us so much stuff throughout this ytt journey.

Jess – She is fabulous, inspiring, strong and just shines (yes! you can literally see her glowing- in yoga terms, she has a strong aura; in layman terms, she has a strong presence). You have to meet this lady and see how she glows XD. Btw, she just had a hair cut and its not the usual one. This one is with purpose – donating to someone one who needs it more than her and raising 10K to help others. You can help by donating here while it’s still valid ->

My ever supportive team mates (not gonna mention names here but you know who you are)

More than half of my class are advance yoga practitioners I tell you. They can do almost every single yoga pose. However, none of them are ignorant. All so humble and helpful, always ready to lend a helping hand with all the asanas’ that I or anyone is struggling with. Hence, we bond very well and we grow together. I am grateful to have met them and cheers to our friendship!

Be with positive people, be inspired and inspire others. Spread the love people!