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Almost done?! (5/6)

Wait what?? How did that happen?

We are in the middle of week 4/5 already and it feels like I just started to stand & sit straight.

Right now I have a lot of mixed feelings regarding the Yoga Teacher Training. On the one hand I look forward to graduating. On the other hand I don’t want it to end. Also I cannot imagine doing Yoga outside the safe haven of The Yoga Mandala or without Jessica. But I am also keen on applying everything we’ve learnt to other yoga classes/studios.

During the first 3 weeks of YTT we did a lot of exercising and learning. The last 2 weeks of YTT are meant to focus on sequencing, teaching and the exams.

I learnt what I personally have to work on and I am hopeful I will achieve some breakthroughs one day (fingers crossed). Not sure how feasible it will be to do Yoga every day once I am back at work and in the day to day madness. But the biggest ‘take away’ for me is anyways the “tuck in your rips and scoop in your tailbone’ – which can be done every second of the day!