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Am I never gonna reach that yogi’s level of zen-ness?

Disclaimer: I hope this post doesn’t sound rude. I have my upmost respect to these masters and their beliefs. I think they are smart and forward-thinking people who developed a wonderful exercise which benefited so many generations. I really believe in the goodness of yoga poses and the benefits of meditating (calming, lower blood pressure, remove toxins). Here’s my blog of the day:

Sometimes, meditating and visualizing your image reminds me of this:


Are there any very good yoga practitioners or instructors who aren’t spiritual? The spiritual part of yoga is difficult for me to grasp. I am too practical and I need to see, hear and touch to understand (or believe). Sometimes, feeling it is also not enough for me. Nothing to do with my religion (coz I’m also struggling with the spiritual part when it comes to god and science), I just find it hard to study blindly without a deeper reason for everything. Some things I’m learning sounds like my grandmother’s superstitions.

So today, I started researching on other yogis who faced the same problem as me. Apparently, there are many. There are also many organization that teaches yoga poses but the spiritual and history parts for theory are completely different, they adopt a new-age approach which they believe is relevant to modern day’s science and beliefs. I think everything makes so much more sense now.


Lindy Tay, Student