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Anita – WEEK 4

This week we delved into physical adjustments. This was something I had
been looking forward to learning from the beginning of YTT. I have always
been interested in learning about alignments and how to go deeper into
postures, so I was really excited to learn to help my future students. Little did I
realise that these adjustments did not come as instinctively to me as I had
expected them to.

The adjustments are more than just literally adjusting people; there are so
many things to consider. The placement of my hands, the amount of force
used, the motion, the verbal communication accompanying each adjustment –
it was a lot for me to take in but I am slowly getting there.

Apart from that, I feel myself getting stronger in my personal practice, which is
fantastic. I cannot remember the last time I felt this physically fit. All the aches
and pains from the weeks leading up to this really paid of and I hope I can still
maintain this level & regularity of self-practice even when YTT is over.

Another improvement I’ve gotten many benefits from is the visualization
techniques for meditation. Ever since Jess used them during our daily
meditation sessions, especially the visualizations for the chakras, meditation
and focus has come easier to me. Blocking out my senses or ignoring
external stimuli has always been pretty alright to me but the mental noise from
my thoughts really hindered me from being able to have a singular focus. Now
when I employ the visualization of the chakras and each colour activating, it’s
become much simpler to calm myself because I’m too busy remembering the
order and seeing what speaks to me – rather than my worries or thoughts
about the day ahead.