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Another life for 5 weeks (HX)

I remember telling my husband about experiencing inertia about having to start this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew what I wanted when I signed up for it, and I didn’t waver in my intention. It was just that I had been out of touch with the business district area since.. let’s just say forever. Also, being a full-time tuition teacher, I am interacting with younger people most of the time and so, I was having thoughts like, “Would I be anti-social among my course-mates? Would I be a good student – you know, being able to follow instructions, pay attention, stuff like that?” and so on.

Finally, having paid the course fee being the main deterrent for backing out (kidding!), I braced myself and landed myself on one of the yoga mats at The Yoga Mandala on 5th November 2018. That day would continue holding a special place in my heart.

So far, I’ve been feeling the opposite of what I felt initially. I actually look forward to going for class everyday. Not kidding! I love the meditation and asanas. I love how my course mates and I look out for each other. I am not really good with the Sanskrit but it’s okay because I just have to know it’s necessary or maybe I just need more time to grow to love it (hey, just being honest).

As a student, I also love being corrected because, well, I like to be right. I know, the irony. But some things have to get worse to get better right? Fall to fly.. yada yada..

We’re all different individuals, but gathered here for similar purposes. That, in itself, is cool enough. Add in two patient and loving instructors and you know we are ready to go. I’m so thankful to be here!



Han Xiang 🙂