Are the jitters normal??? From Nancy

What can I say? My practical exam is tomorrow, and I HAVE THE JITTERS! It seems odd to me. I am quite sure that I can do the required postures, I did them the past two days… so why do I have performance anxiety?

I have been asking myself this for a few days now. I am normally quite confident and good in front of people. I have done stage acting, debating, given senior level corporate presentations… even taught aerobics back in the days when it was hip.

So here I am, doing what I love, and I have a case of the nerves!!!! ARRRGGG! That doesn’t bode well for my balancing, now does it?

OK, time to get serious about this. Planning necessary. A good dinner, a hot bath with Epsom salts… and a long meditation to help myself sleep.

That should do the trick…..

Here’s hoping for a successful tomorrow.


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