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Article 4: Tiara

In the past, I have mostly attended Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga classes. I
love how healing these sessions felt during stressful moments while living


However, I have to say that I am starting to really enjoy Hatha and Vinyasa
flow as well. I am noticing such positive changes in my body and mind. I am
becoming much more aware of my body and I feel stronger and more
confident than I have in years.


The past 3 weeks have shown me what my body is capable of achieving in
just a short period of time. With dedication, perseverance and correct
teaching, anything can be accomplished. I was a beginner at Hatha and
Vinyasa flow when I started this course. I would look over to my neighbor,
who is a former gymnast, and be amazed at what her body could do. I believe
that every body is different and I would remind myself of this quote: “Flowers
are pretty but so are sunsets and they look nothing alike”. I believe that every
body is different and this is a philosophy that I would like to carry forward
when I start teaching yoga to students. Having a curvy figure and being a
well-endowed woman, I do find an underrepresentation of diverse body types
in the yoga industry.


I have had to come to terms with the fact that certain poses are difficult for me
to achieve due to my body type, for example: Supta Konasana. I choose to
find the humor in the situation and look for ‘regressions’ that are suitable for
my body type.


I am well aware that I am not the only one experiencing this and I hope to use
these challenges to find solutions that work for all body types. Yoga is for


This week, we learnt how to do the inversions: Silamba Sirsasana and Pincha
Mayurasana. Along with the correct step by step instructions and motivation
from my teacher and peers, I was able to achieve both of the inversions we
learnt today. I am feeling motivated and will work on strengthening my body to
continue exploring new poses. There’s plenty to work on and this makes this
journey all the more exciting!


200HR YTT May’21 Weekday