Ashtanga 1 – by Joyce Tan 300hr Ashtanga YTT March Weekday 2017

First time taking Ashtanga in 300hr YTT. Sometimes I just wonder how clueless can I be? I received the sequence paper and my eyes widen. Once I was told that this is only the first series which is also called the primary series or Yoga Chikitsa (meaning yoga therapy!?), there are second series which is the intermediate series or Nadi Shodhana, and third to sixth series which are the four advanced series, my eyes widen further. Looking at the asana, I start to have cold sweat. Some of the poses looked so impossible, for example the seated double twist, Marichyasana D.

There is another thing that is totally unexpected as a complete newbie in Ashtanga, I need to jump!? What do you mean by jumping back and forth? And the worst part, I was told that I needed to jump back into Chaturanga from seated, and jump through from Downward facing dog into seated again, in every single seated posture with each side once; which means I need to jump back and forth twice in each posture. This is probably why when people say it’s important to manage the expectation. However, I am not one that back down from a challenge especially one that I have put myself into! I have no idea how much I will be able to do but I will definitely try my best.