Ashtanga 2 – by Joyce Tan 300hr Ashtanga YTT March Weekday 2017

The first few weeks were very frustrating as I couldn’t do much and every class made me felt like I want to die. As there was Chinese New Year break, I admit that I can’t wait for it but worry that when I came back I would lost the little progress that I have made. The dilemma was strong on this one. However, I am glad that I get to rest. I finally understand why my husband’s colleague told me he hates Ashtanga. It takes a lot of determination to take up Ashtanga. I don’t hate it but as every sport that I took up, I struggled a lot and I don’t think it is a bad thing.

After the first 2 weeks, my hamstrings was so tight to the extend even when I am just standing I felt like it’s being stretched to the maximum already due to the jumping training that we did. I went to my pole stretch class thinking it could help to release but not really. It was so bad I lost my split, it also didn’t help that I strained my left hip then right hip. I tried rolling myself at home but to no avail. Finally I gave up, I asked my pole teacher for the sport masseur contact that she highly recommended. And so, I went through the most painful deep tissue massage in my life. The masseur asked me what did I do, the knots and tightness is crazy. I said I did yoga and she looked at me confused. She thought yoga is all about stretching, what is the deal with me. It was a funny session, we were talking about 30% of the time and 70% of the time I was screaming and trying to focus on Ujjayi to reduce the pain. It was much better after the massage. I reckon I will need some form of maintenance for my body if I want to keep being active for as long as I can.