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Athena: Less than a week to YTT graduation – Final thoughts

It has been an extremely humbling experience the past 3 months – going back to basics,
connecting with like-minded people and a road to self-discovery. It was more than just
about getting the poses, we realised that the final peak poses were just a consequence of
our mindset and discipline. Yoga is a never ending journey and we always have something to
work on. Our breath is what brings us through.

Seeing my YTT classmates improve week after week makes my week full. Very thankful for
everyone to be sharing the energy even when we had to bring the class over to Zoom when
COVID circuit breaker measures kicked in. Was quite sceptical of having classes over online
at first, but it became a blessing in disguise because it trained all of us on our detailed cues. I
can see how it made us a better teacher because we have to put in extra cues and effort to
make our classes more engaging. We also had to put in more alignment details and cues so
that our students know what is going on even though they are not looking up at the screen
at all times.

Definitely bummed that we did not graduate physically at the studio together with all the
YTT friends but this is definitely a start to a longer journey ahead with everyone else in the
class. We are that special bunch of YTT class that graduated over zoom! Pretty sure it
happens once every century 🙂

As graduation comes near, I can’t wait to officially start sharing my practice with everyone
else (apart from friends and family) or with anyone who needs that extra boost or lift from
their current state of mind.

It’s been a great 3 month journey with TYM, onward to more!!

Feb’20 Weekend YTT