Attending classmates’ class ~ Jasmine Ho

During the teaching week, I attended various classes taught by my classmates. Everyone was amazing and did a really a good job in planning asana sequences, giving instructions and correcting our alignment for the asanas. It was enriching and fun trying out various sequences meant for different purposes like digestive system, nervous system etc. Different people have different style of teaching, hence it is an eye-opener to expose myself to different methods of teaching so as to slowly influence my own way of teaching. Confidence is definitely a key point as a confident teacher will allow a student to trust the teacher for her to correct alignments and give more focus in class.

I have to mention that I never thought I will actually enjoy Yin Yoga but after attending Xiao Min’s Yin Yoga class, I definitely want to attend more. She has such soothing voice with calming effect.

In addition, it was surprising that we actually survived up to 4 classes each day. That’s like almost four consecutive hours of asanas! Stamina and strength have really been built up in just mere 5 weeks of daily practice and I really appreciate the improvement.