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Balancing Kapha: A satirical surviving guide :)

I have large and soft eyes, smooth and radiant skin. Thick hair as well.

My physical characteristics should be like this.


My emotional characteristics are strong, loyal, patient, steady and supportive. Makes me think about Pumaa from Lion King.


People with an excess of Kapha tend to hold on to things, jobs, and relationships long after they are no longer nourishing or necessary. No wonder I work for the same company for 5 years albeit 2 different departments.

Excess Kapha in the mind manifests as resistance to change and stubbornness. In the face of stress, the typical Kapha response is, “I don’t want to deal with it.”


How to Balance Kapha
Seek stimulation.

Seek new experience

Follow a regular daily routine.


Clear your space.

Get regular exercise.


Eat nutritious breakfast as it will light up your fire for the day.

Here are my breakfast to go before attending yoga class.=)

So what’s your doshas and how you balance it?


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