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7th October 2018


Be proud of your scars and embrace it.

Back when I was in secondary school, I hated the fact that I had scoliosis. I detested the process of creating the braces where I felt so exposed. I hated that I had to wear braces underneath my uniform, underneath my PE attire. I had to buy bigger uniform just to fit the braces. I had to bear with wearing an extra singlet and braces, and tolerate the heat.

I hid it from everyone. Nobody knew.
There was once when one of my classmates playfully hit my tummy and asked why my stomach was hard. I came up with a feeble excuse and brushed it off.
I soon stopped wearing it.

In class today, we were made to analyse each other’s spines and point out the issues we have with our back. It was not as uncomfortable as I imagined it to be. Then I realized that I have accepted by body for how it is.
Through yoga, I started to embrace my body for what it is and how it looks. I accepted that this is how it will be and that I have my limitations. I may not be able to twist as much as the student next to me, but that is just how my body is.
I embraced my ‘scars’ and likewise, I do acknowledge how my body works in wonderful ways to help compensate my scoliosis.

And now, I am proud to say that I have scoliosis. I may not be able to go into the full expression of certain poses, but this is who I am. 🙂

Melissa @issa_lem