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Beginnings, YTT

Wow every one is so strong! is the first thought that came to mind when I went for my first YTT class in June 2018. But how much I was looking forward to this 3 months of fun! I was adamant that I would enjoy myself thoroughly regardless, and trusted in my love for yoga to bring me through. Yoga has been my recluse in life since I started practicing in 2012, and it was the one constant through my years of tribulations, joy and sorrow. I realised sometime back that there was a ceiling to my asana practice despite regular studio attendance; I felt a strong yearning to gain a deeper understanding of yoga on a physical and philosophical level. And I thought, what better way than a YTT moving forward? I didn’t think much about whether I would teach in future, but simply trusted my gut and followed my heart to do whatever felt right. I have never regretted a single second of it, and counting my blessings that I had met such inspiring classmates and truly an one-in-a million yoga mentor (yes you, Jess!) to learn with and under. Not only do they confront challenging asanas with grit and smiles, they showed me how it was to teach with love (in Jess words always:p). Grateful that I have such an awesome episode in my life, with magical moments created in Mandala. Namaste.

Si Pei