Being a teacher

We are almost through with out YTT at The Yoga Mandala! 4.5 weeks ✔️ This week was all about us teaching each other and I’m very relieved and proud to say I have passed the teaching component of YTT on my second class!

My first teaching class was a nightmare; it was perhaps okay but we are all too harsh on ourselves. I messed up my introductions, pranayama, the first standing pose, completely forgot about my entire prone sequence! Nervousness got the better of me. But well, teacher Jess was very kind with her feedback and I went home that day, took in all the feedback and started planning my second sequence.

The second teaching session went better; I made fewer mistakes and did not forget my sequence at all. I was so surprised when Jess told me that I had passed the teaching assessment! However, I knew I still had some improvements to make, for example, to speak slower, instead of rushing and coming across as fighting against time. I went back and thought about my third teaching sequence and I took the longest time creating this particular sequence. I took the longest time because it was going to be the last class of the day and everyone’s energy would have been depleted. A class that is not too physically demanding will be ideal so I set about creating a “themed class” focusing on focus and balance. I felt that my delivery of the third class was the smoothest and the most interactive and connected between the teacher and the students. Perhaps it was the small boost of passing yesterday or just that, ‘practice makes perfect’.

After having gone through the 4.5 weeks and taught three classes now, I have a new found respect for yoga teachers. There is quite abit of work that goes into planning for the class so that your students walk out feeling energised and refreshed. You can definitely tell when the teacher has put in much effort. Preparing for the class is only a battle half won. It requires an experienced teacher to be multi tasking during the lesson to switch up the asanas on the spot, react accordingly and provide the necessary alignments all at once. To all you yoga teachers out there (especially those at Yoga Mandala!), I salute you!


Joanne (ig: @jojo.namaste)