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Bittersweet Evening. From Nancy

Tonight will be a bittersweet evening for me. As I prepare to take my final portion of the YTTC, I feel a mixture of happiness, relief and sadness. Happiness is easy – I have learned a lot here, I feel enthused about being a yoga teacher, and I have made some new friends. Relief — well, yes actually. It has been intense, it has been challenging — so I feel a sense of relief that the training is over. But at the same time, I do feel somewhat sad. I have so enjoyed these 5 weeks of time with the Incredible Jessica, Yummy Mummy Nicole and the Awesome Alexis. These three ladies have become heroes to me, and what they have been able to accomplish with this amazing studio. It really does give me hope for the future of the studio I plan to open in New Zealand.

So as I revise for the Theory portion of our YTTC, I do feel it is bittersweet. I am thrilled I accomplished this, but I will miss this very, very much. It has become such a part of my life that I am disappointed to see it end.

But I think of this really as a beginning, not an ending. This is just the opening stanza to the journey to being a yoga teacher. It all begins here! And I am oh so lucky to have had this opportunity.

Thank you all.