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Rosetti: And it is coming to the end of YTT… what is yoga to me now?

I first knew about yoga in 2013, when I went for yoga class with some girl
friends who we all thought that doing yoga, as a form of fancy / trendy workout
/ exercise, could help to lose weight / keep fit. However, I stopped going after
a while after finding out that it was not as effective (in helping to lose weight)
as thought.
Then I went back to yoga class again after 2 years, when I got a corporate
discount in joining group fitness / yoga gym membership. Since then, and till
late last years (so its like c.5 years), I go to yoga class (maybe) once a week,
and it is more like a form of stretching (less intense form of workout) and a
venue for myself to relieve pressure from work. Teaching yoga / joining YTT
was never a calling for me.
Until late last year / earlier this year, as one of my 2020 resolutions, I wanted
to do something to improve myself, and is purely just for myself (not like
learning a new skillset because it will make me more competitive in the work
place). Then I was thinking, maybe I should strengthen my yoga practice (as
one of my hobbies), and taking a YTT course may help me to do so – that
was the only reason I enrolled in YTT – I did not have much expectation,
just simply listen to my instant intuition.
Still remember on 2nd week, we were taught what is yoga – the union of
mind, soul and body. For me back then, yoga is only a form of exercise /
sport. At most, maybe it is just a lifestyle (eg with specifications on dietary
requirements etc).
After all these weeks in YTT, I would not say that I could fully realize /
experience what yoga really is (as this is a life-long journey, and everyone is
at different stage of this journey). But now what I could say is that it is
definitely beyond the presentation in its physical form (asana) – it is a
journey / process to understand myself deeper (both mentally and
physically), be aware of self (body and mind), and to the surrounding
(present moment).
I am really glad that I did listen to my intuition – joining YTT probably is one
of the most non-regrettable decisions I made in life – I achieved my goal
(to be stronger in practice), and even further – I got to know myself
better, made friends who shared the same interests, and maybe, going
to be a yoga teacher!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jess, all my YTT-mates, and of
course myself, for the time, support, guidance and energy for the past 3
months – I am really grateful that I had you all with me in this journey and we
all grew stronger together 🙂

Feb’20 Weekend YTT