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What it takes to be a Good Yoga Teacher

On YTT Day 5, we spent the entire afternoon dissecting everyone’s homework – which was to each come up with a sequence of yoga poses for a class, consisting of standing, seated, prone, supine and inversion. I felt that I really learned a lot through the sharing – about poses/ sequences that we might not have thought of, but also realised how unimaginative or uncreative we were as I realised most of us thought of pretty similar sequences.

This made me realised that it really takes a lot to be a good yoga teacher, one that stands out amongst the rest. You need creativity and imagination to plan an interesting sequence, as well as good multitasking skills (not to mention endurance) to do the demonstration AND talk at the same time. You also need to be considerate and meticulous enough to provide regression and progression poses for different learners or students with injuries. It really isn’t easy, and made me appreciate the teachers for the work that goes into one single class.

Soo Hui
200 Hour YTT Oct’20