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The Pincha

I started yoga many years back and was attracted to the asanas, especially the arm balances because they look impressive, cool and made me feel strong. Plus, I have always like a little challenge! But unfortunately, I also like shortcuts. So many years back I actually wanted to ‘master’ the pincha, and I did, but… 

Today, I realised that I had learned the pincha using a shortcut (straps) and although it is not ‘wrong’, and I did somewhat get the hang of it, but I did not activate my shoulders as much as I should, to squeeze my elbows together and build the necessary muscles to execute the pose. I took the easy way out every time, last time, for the gram. But it’s okay, it’s about relearning, and that’s what YTT is for!

Soo Hui
200 Hour YTT Oct’20