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Eat like a Yogi 

How can one live the authentic “yogi journey” without taking a month to eat, pray, and love without a vacation to Bali for YTT?

Having gone through YTT in Singapore, especially during the pandemic, this has taught me new ways to incorporate yoga, even in my eating habits.

Here is what I have been practicing: Going vegetarian 5 times in a week.

This practice was a new addition to my routine and has given me more clarity as well as grounded me. Through experimenting with different variations, my cravings could be satisfied without over-eating.

Weight loss is not the goal but the side effect. There is an abundance of recipes online on plant-based eating. I made vegan carrot cake and cream cheese frosting one time, and no one could even tell!

Going beyond what we have been taught about the food we eat, re-learning and teaching ourselves about nutrition should be a journey. We should all take the time and energy to invest in it. After all, we are what we eat, from consumption of food to media, let this be a reminder to never stop shaking up your snow globe.

200 Hour YTT Oct’20