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BLOG POST #4: Tanya

The past few days have been quite a blur and with so many things going on, it has been a hectic
week. As the students of May weekday 2021 sprint towards the finishing point of the YTT course,
knowing the end is near has left me with a bittersweet feeling. For the past few days, it become
physically less strenuous (perhaps I have become used to the rigour hahaha) and focused more
towards preparing ourselves for the intensive week of teaching.

Jessica went through with us the last sequence in the cheat sheet, which was an arm balance
sequence. We were taught on the para sympathetic and sympathetic system as well as the
lymphatic system. Speaking of lymphatic system, I realised I had been seeing the wrong person for
massages… This is because the pain I always experience in massages are to the point of crying and
even feeling ‘out of it’. Thank goodness I stopped going after a while…

I also managed to learn flying pigeon and flying lizard! Yay!

We also had lessons on adjustments, and it was harder than expected. Knowing the amount of
pressure when supporting a student so that the student feels safe enough to trust me, the need to
think on my feet to see what support each student needs, being professional to make students feel

I have also managed to create 3 sequences for the exam…But what I need now is to go through my
sequences, instructions and most importantly memorise them! As I was creating my sequences, I
have come to realise that it is fun! But the teaching part makes me nervous… Today marked the first
zoom teaching session and next Monday will be my turn! I hope everyone attending my class will
enjoy it and let us hope I teach smoothly!


200HR YTT May’21 Weekday