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(By TYM YTT Grads)

Only the Beginning

  Time flies so incredibly fast when you’re having fun, learning new things, and growing as an individual. It still feels pretty surreal to already

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Teaching Experience

  1 & 2 May 2021 Completed the teaching assignment. Feel very relieved, alot to improve on, from sequencing, style of teaching to verbal instruction

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  I remember Jess telling me once that I am a huge control freak, mainly because I freaked out whenever I was doing inversions and

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First Community Class

  Teaching my first community class last week was such an eye-opening (literally) experience. While I have experience teaching group fitness classes, teaching yoga felt

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Arm Balances

  My fear of arm balances (more specifically just crow pose) surfaced close to 2 years ago due to a failed attempt leaving me falling

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  I’ve never understood why people rave about meditation – the mental clarity it supposedly gives you, the power to calm your mind, and how “refreshed”

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  As someone who grew up playing competitive sports, I naturally transitioned into picking up a higher intensity fitness lifestyle upon entering adulthood. Like stretching exercises done

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