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Body Awareness Since Starting Yoga and 200Hr YTT

Now that I’m practising yoga more regularly and eating healthier since about eight months now, I am more aware of the impact it has done towards my body.

Physically, parts of my body has become stronger, I am now able to perform certain asanas that I was not able to perform previously, in particularly urdhva dhanurasana, or more commonly known as the wheel pose. Before this, I was not able to lift my head and chest off the floor and my upper back and shoulder joints were extremely tight. From this, I came to realise that my arms are slightly stronger now and my chest is more stretched out. My upper back spine and shoulders is not as tight as before as well.

Apart from that, I have also realised how tough and challenging it is to get into the adho mukha swavasana, or better known as the downward facing dog pose. Before joining this 200 hr YTT class, I was not aware that my alignment for this pose was not right. I was not able to place both of my heels on the mat, my ham strings were very tight and literally, I was struggling and sweating each time I had to do this pose. I dreaded this pose at the very start of my YTT class. I also had a very rounded back, as if I’m hunching. It is only then that I was also made known by my Instructor that I have mild scoliosis and kyphosis, which are misalignments of the spine. Slowly with constant practise and without letting these imperfections hinder my progress, my body has begun to adapt to this pose and I am able to stretch deeper. I am very happy with this transformation.

[Sharon Phang; 200 Hr YTT Hatha Vinyasa]