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Waking up for early morning class is so hard. Frequent insomnia or nightmares are not helping the situation. The crowded and super slow train rides every morning is an awful drag. The thought of unfinished assignments or a painful right ankle also add to this heavy baggage every morning.

IKR. I’m such a grump right? Well, the grumpiness ends once I step into Iha. Maybe it’s after the first hello or good morning greetings I exchange with my fellow yoga classmates. My morning is immediately filled with happy conversations. Everyone is so nice and fun to be around with. We are super different, we look different, dress different, speak different accents (and languages), different careers, different nationalities, different strengths and weaknesses, different horoscopes, different dorsha and different ages. It’s really wonderful when sports activities bring people of different walks of lives together. Tough workouts and embarrassing practical trainings can become so fun because of this great friendships build over a short two weeks.

It’s week three now. Lessons are still very tough but in a diverse way now. I’m looking forward to making more embarrassing mistakes with them. Hopefully we’ll all find our special style in teaching and be fabulous like this special mermaid we know 🙂