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Bones, joints, muscles and adjustments

Didn’t think I would learn so much about bones, joints and muscles from YTT, but I’m very glad we
I was taken aback by my spinal check, which revealed that I sometimes have a bit of hip rotation and
tilt when I’m standing in a relaxed manner, as well as a flat middle back. I always thought that I’m
rather stiff and don’t feel comfortable with backbends, so it was a “ah-ha!” moment for me.
I also didn’t expect to hear that I have a weak ankle, partly because I pride myself for only spraining
my ankle once in my lifetime. I realised that there is a difference between strong and stable ankle,
and a weak but flexible ankle – I roll onto the outside of my feet quite often actually, just that I don’t
end up with a sprained ankle.
It was also a gainful experience learning about the joint movements, as well as muscle engagement,
required to get into and hold the various yoga poses. It definitely made me more mindful in my
asana practice, at the same time provide clarity on how to deliver cues to students as a yoga
Thought I would also discuss physical adjustments as part of this post. We spent more than a
weekend discussing physical adjustments for various yoga poses, which was very helpful for me as
this is not intuitive for me – I am usually worried that I push/pull on the wrong parts, or give the
wrong verbal adjustments. Despite knowing the theory and trying it with my fellow course mates, I
do think I’ll need more practice with different body types before I become confident of my physical
adjustments. Are there ways for me to gain more experience as well as get feedback on whether I
am doing this right?

Nge Hwee
200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21