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Boom Chakra Lacka!

The spiritual side of Yoga is extremely intriguing; it creates so much depth for the study and practice of Yoga. Through the 4 (coming 5) weeks of YTT, I find myself a little more attentive and present – focusing on the ‘now’ rather than the ‘what ifs’ of tomorrow.

The spectrums of the Universe, the mechanisms of the human body, the works of the mind… It all comes in full circle. Sometimes I wonder if I’d ever be like those Tibetan Monks, attaining Samadhi (enlightenment) and be able to fully detach my soul from mortal world. After all, Earth is just a school. We belong to the Universe.

Okay back to the Chakras. There are 7 Chakras (the main ones) and each Chakra has it’s own position, purpose and colour.

When I meditate, sometimes I see white / smoke. White is the colour of the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), and smoke is the texture of the Heart Chakra (anahata). I’d like to focus on the former. And that is also why I chose to create a Sahasrara sequence for the upcoming teaching assessment *gulp.

The Crown Chakra governs our mental and spiritual state of being. Typically associated to the pituitary gland, the pineal and the hypothalamus (glands that are in the brain), this Chakra works closely with the brain and the entire nervous system in our body. The Crown Chakra governs our mental and spiritual state of being.

Feelings of insolation, loss of direction or purpose in life, and the inability to set or maintain goals are common ‘symptoms’ that manifest from an imbalanced Crown Chakra.

The sequence I’ve prepared emphasizes heavily on balance and focus, both of which are, in my opinion, important aspects to a meaningful life. I’m really worried and nervous about the upcoming assessment, but jitters aside, my focus should be on making sure that my instructions are clear, my students get the most out of the 1 hour session and… That I do my best. Some stress is good lah I guess.

Crossing my fingers and toes. All the best to the August 2018 YTT batch!

@yourflexiblefriend, Dora.