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Breakthrough: Titus

Week 4, 10 more days to the end of this fantastic YTT journey.
I started this journey feeling afraid; fear eventually grew into doubts, but I simply hope that
this YTT does not end.


There were frustrations during the past four weeks when I cannot achieve certain poses yet. It
is not a good feeling to see my batchmates hitting peak pose after peak pose while I fall and


Did I even think and believe I could hit a single-arm balancing pose or one inversion? To be
honest, NO! But, somehow, this disbelief did not stop me. Even my conviction level was not
high, but I just want to continue working on the poses and gain progress.


Awesomeness started to happen in week 4, and I began to hit poses after poses. Beyond my
imagination, I am upside down and seeing the world from a different perspective.


What has yoga taught me: “Breakthrough comes to those who patiently and quietly put in
the hard work.”


200HR YTT May’21 Weekday