breakthroughs after breakthroughs

The thing about yoga teacher’s training is that your body changes quickly adapting to the rigorous daily training. It disciplines you to eat a healthy diet and research on the different theories talked about in class. As a result, you not only become more knowledgeable but also becomes stronger physically and mentally. I, too have my fair share of these breakthroughs and no matter how little they are, it always reminds me of Ingrid Michaelson’s song– “Celebrate” because we need to celebrate these micro achievements.

Personally, I can feel I’m becoming stronger because of this training. We get to do conditioning and strengthening exercises apart from practicing the asanas daily. It’s tiring. Muscles become sore but what doesn’t kill you makes you really stronger. I get to hold on longer with the asanas and sometimes do certain poses that I haven’t nailed before. A perfect example would be astavakrasana. I’ve always hated that pose. Not only can I not get into it but I cant even lift my bum up. Core activation seems to be impossible and I feel awkward in many ways. After a few practices, poof it became cococrunch- I meant I was able to get my bum up and do the pose! Yes– we call it the #mandalamagic. It’s not handstand but hey, small breakthroughs are worth celebrating for!

In a different aspect, spiritual and personal as it may seem, I am able to go deeper into meditation and just shut down the things around me while feeling myself getting grounded and just focus on my breath. We practice meditation everyday and even though after a while I get cramps on my feet, I still experience the state of calmness and it grounds me. Sometimes, I get to see colors appearing in between my eyes (or third eye). It first happened during Yoga Nidra where I feel my body grounded and then blue colors start to appear. It’s weird to explain but for those who experienced this, they can relate to it. This speaks so much of my yoga journey and it means I am going towards the right direction.