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Breakthroughs – Pei Xuan (5/6)

I’ve had so many breakthroughs since the start of YTT physically! At the start of YTT, I couldn’t even hold my baby bakasana with stability, let alone astavakrasana, assisted headstand..etc. I always felt so unstable in these poses, wobbling like a jelly…like there’s no tomorrow. But with the right technique that was being taught and emphasised through and through by Jess, it caught me by surprise when I managed to feel so stable in these poses for the first time!! Of course, these poses did not come just after a week or two of YTT, it took practice and came with the physical strength that I’ve gained throughout the YTT!

All these breakthroughs come not only in the physical aspect but with the mental aspect as well — it’s about overcoming the fear of being upside down, overcoming the voice that says “I’m not strong enough”, the voice that says “I can’t do it”, or that fear of “I’m gonna fall!!!”.
There will always be an asana we are working towards, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it today! With practice on the right technique and strength, the pose will definitely come peeking through when your body is ready for it! (:
Pei Xuan 200HR Weekend YTT